Ideas Portal Dashboard



The Idea Sharing Portal is a sophisticated platform designed to provide students with a collaborative environment to share, develop, and manage their ideas. Students have the opportunity to work through a series of carefully crafted stages, starting with a nascent thought and culminating in a fully-fledged approved idea.


The portal has several stages to help students refine and develop their ideas:

  1. Thought: Students share their initial ideas.
  2. Brainstorming: The group collaborates to refine the idea further. Students can add notes detailing the pros and cons of the idea in question.
  3. Evaluated: Once an idea has been deemed worthy of evaluation, it enters the Evaluated phase, where the idea's merits are carefully scrutinized in-person.
  4. ROI Identified: Once an idea has been deemed fit to be worked upon, roles will be assigned to each student regarding their project. The potential return on investment (ROI) of the idea will also be identified.
  5. Approved: Finally, the idea goes through the Approved stage, where the admin approves the idea after it has gone through all the phases.


The portal has two roles:

  • Admin: Can create, read, update, and delete students and groups, change the stages of the ideas, and approve the ideas.
  • Student: Can create ideas, provide details required for each stage, and view ideas of other group members in the thought and brainstorm stage.


The following pages are available on the portal:

  • Sign in: Allows users to log in to the portal using their credentials.
  • Home/Ideas Dashboard: Displays the dashboard of ideas where students can see all the ideas in different stages of development.
  • Group Ideas Posts: Allows students to post their ideas and collaborate with others.
  • Admin Panel: Allows admins to manage students and groups, approve ideas, and change the stages of the ideas.

In summary, the Idea Sharing Portal is an innovative and intuitive platform that encourages and facilitates creative collaboration among students. By breaking down the idea development process into a series of carefully calibrated stages, it provides an effective framework for students to develop their ideas and reach their full potential.